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Why Social Media Advertising?

Organic social is incredibly competitive but a vital place to be if you want your business to reach its true potential and continue to grow.

Paid social allows your business to reach those that want to hear about you, your product and your service. Through the amount of data that social media platforms hold about their users, you’re able to target your product or service to specific groups, locations and people meaning it has the ability to help every business.

The Stages



Acquire new customers who haven’t engaged with your brand before at all.



Targeting those who have engaged with the brand through a website or a social channel recently.



Directing ads to those who have viewed, purchased or used your services previously.



Case study
Slim Chickens logo

Slim Chickens were looking to expand their franchise across the UK but didn’t have an advertising plan in place to support and launch successfully.

We put a strategy in place which meant each location would launch with an 'opening soon' video, including an offer that would be targeted at those living in the local area. This would then be followed up with a 'now open' video and regular offers to anyone who had watched at least 3 seconds of the video.

We received over 11,000 leads across 9 locations, generating a profit of over £50,000. Our advertising campaigns reached over 1 million people across the UK.



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